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【TOMS】 harmonic drive ad box  for 30PURIUS

85,200 B

harmonic drive ad box  สำหรับรถ โตโยต้า30PURIUS

Specifications / total length adjustment formula ## February price change 2016], steel case, single-tube, twin piston, rubber chamber type, ※: vehicle height adjustment range (standard vehicle ratio) F: + 3mm~-27mm R: -17mm~ -43mm / factory setting ride height (standard vehicle ratio) F: -20mm R: -30mm ※ touring selection and, in the case of solar panels with a car, will be re-used upper support, dust cover, the bump rubber. In addition, other vehicle separately, you will need the following genuine parts. Front suspension support SUB-Assy (part number: 48609-47030) two / strut mounting bearing (part number: 48619-28010) two / front coil spring seat upper (part number: 48471-42010) two / front coil spring insulator upper (part number: 48157-47020) two / front spring bumper (part number: 48331-75010) you will need to shorten the processing of two ※ front spring bumper.
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